Yes No Game - Active English Training

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This is a simple and fun game-exercise which teaches your students to answer questions in complete sentences and to offer additional information to keep the conversation going. Rather than constantly reminding our students to answer in full sentences, why not offer them an exercise that actually helps them train this? After all, it’s not that our students deliberately want to annoy us by answering a yes-no question with a simple yes or no. They may just need meaningful and fun exercises to practise coming up with a more complex and elaborate answer.

For this example I have chosen the topic ‚Spring Acitivities‘ (Link to Pdf-worksheet below). To create the yes-no questions I basically just browsed the Internet for some spring activitiy listicles for ideas and went from there. It was pretty quick to prepare  and my wonderful graphic designer Koko put her very stylish editing-touches on the worksheet.

The exercise is based on the Yes! No! Game by Paul Lamond Games.,which I’ll also link below.

English level: all levels possible
Grammar and structure practised: yes-no questions, question tags, specific tenses (You could have all questions and therefore answers in the simple present or simple past, for example.)
Type of exercise: speaking exercise, pairwork, one-on-one interaction

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Link ‚Yes! No! Game – Spring Activities‘ worksheet: Spring Activities-Yes! No! Game-1

Link to the original Yes! No! Game by Paul Lamond Games: