Active English Training

Understanding Communication - Recognizing Misperceptions - Avoiding Misunderstandings

The way we interact and communicate forms our perception of each other. We talk and behave in ways that feel natural and appropriate to us. However, we often misinterpret each other’s actions and words because of our different personalities and cultural backgrounds. How can we break up such barriers and minimize misunderstandings?

This seminar aims to show how interaction and communication works or fails to work across cultures. It will give our participants the opportunity to understand and actively practise the following aspects of intercultural communication:

Kursformat, Termine, Buchung, weitere Infos

  • Seminarformat

    1 ½ Tage (12 UE à 45 Min.) oder 2 Tage (16 UE)

  • Termine

    firmenintern in Absprache

  • English Level

    mind. B 2 (Mittelstufe/Fortgeschritten)

  • Teilnehmer

    Gruppen von mind. 6 bis max.12

  • Kursort


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