Aussie Barbecue

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With this series of one-minute picture descriptions I would like to help our students boost their vocabulary and prepare for speaking tests and oral exams. By combining pictures with written labelling and spoken descriptions I would like to support visual and verbal learners, making it easier for our students to memorise vocabulary. English Level: B 2 Topic: Australia Picture shows: Young people having a barbecue by the beach Schools in Germany: 9. Klasse Realschule und Gymnasium Test Preparation: Speaking Test Mittlere Reife (Germany), PET, Cambridge First Certificate The best way to practise the vocabulary presented in these videos is to watch each video multiple times, each time with a different focus. First, observe where the words and images mentioned in the verbal description are. Next, focus on those words and how they are pronounced. Pause the video and repeat the words or short phrases containing the words. Then, play the video again, look at the images and speak along as simultaneously as possible. Repeat the speak-along as often as you need to feel confident pronouncing and remembering the words. Last but not least, mute the video and try describing the picture yourself.