Active English Training

Seattle, Washington – Top 5 Travel Attractions Travel Guide – Speed Reading Competition

Online-teaching is the perfect opportunity for you to help your students train their pronunciation. All you need is a short video clip (about one minute long) together with the transcript, et voilà, you have a pronunciation exercise.
In an online-class, your students can mute themselves and read along with a video presenter in the privacy of their rooms. Thus they can actually practice the pronunciation before reading out loud with the whole class listening. So in this case online classes can give your students a lot of safe space.
Don’t forget to remind your students: Reading along only once is not enough! Just like practising that perfect soccer kick, tennis serve or ballet move you need to practise reading multiple times to get it right!
And if you combine this pronunciation practice with a speed reading competiton, you will add that little extra kick to your lesson. My students have always enjoyed this exercise and most of all, they felt that they really benefited from it. Simple but effective!
Check out travel videos by geobeats Link to video with transcript: