Active English Training

Someone Did Something! Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Creativity is an important life skill. It helps us establish new relationships between things, perceive different aspects of reality, take fresh perspectives, and it gives us the confidence and tools to solve problems or face the unknown. That is why integrating creative exercises in our teaching is important.

Often our students are at a loss when they have to come up with an idea on the spot and when they are put on the spot. Not all people are equally creative. So giving your students a little safety net in form of a creative outline activity or framework, which they can fill in with their own ideas, helps them train creativity as well as their language skills.

This exercise provides a simple framework for your level A2 students, gives them a warm-up phase to get into a flow and transitions into creating their own mini-stories. Tip: If some students struggle with creating context, ask them to look around their room or out of the window and pick things they see there.

Active English Training

*PDF-Datei: Who What Where When Why – Simple Past – Grammar and Speaking