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Kids love criss-cross puzzles so why not do an oral one? This speaking exercise is like playing Taboo, but with a criss-cross puzzle.

You just need to select words you want your students to revise, create a cross-word puzzle (link to puzzlemaker below), you don’t even need to create clues, just print out two copies of the puzzle, fill one puzzle with half of the words and the other puzzle with the other words (see my example), and have the kids get together explaining the words to each other. Example:
Student A: What’s 5 down?
Student B: It’s a place in town where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruit and other local produce. It’s usually in the middle of a town and there are lots of stalls. …

Of course you want to create your own puzzle with words your students are familiar with or you could easily make it a Christmas version. Kids love this exercise.

Here is the link to the puzzle-maker by Discovery Education I use:…

As you don’t need to enter clues for this exercise, just enter each word twice (market market) and when you cut & paste the puzzle, don’t forget to copy the word list! I forgot so many times. 😀 It’s quick and easy to prepare and can fill 20 to 30 minutes of Christmas lesson time. 😉

Have a wonderful Monday!

Active English TrainingActive English Training

*PDF-Datei: Shopping in Town- Criss Cross – Relative Clauses-Student A

*PDF-Datei: Shopping in Town- Criss Cross – Relative Clauses-Student B