Active English Training
The days leading up to Christmas and the Christmas holidays are always very, very stressful for me, unfortunately. So I didn’t get round to posting Day 24. I’m really sorry about that. Now it’s Jan 19, and I’ve just finished creating a lesson unit for my year 8 Gym students (English Level B1/B2) and so I thought any day could be Day 24, right!
It’s a listening comprehension exercises on a VOA News video on The Plastic Bag Store, an art installation that opened last year in New York. The exercise also helps train summarising news reports and is followed by a speaking exercises on how to reduce your plastic waste.
The lesson will probably cover 30 minutes, so you might want to add maybe a short grammar exercise to fill a 45 minute unit.
Another idea would be to have your students write another 2 or 3 more tips on how to reduce their plastic waste. I’m sure they will have lots more ideas. To give them a little bit of a framework you could ask them to write it in the same style and length as the tips on the OneKind Planet Website and even find a suitable picture online when presenting their tip to the group.
A very belated Happy New Year to all my teacher colleagues and English students out there!

Link to the Voice of America – VOA news report:…/plastic-bag-store-opens-new…

Link to the OneKind Planet ‚Top 10 Ways to Reduce your Waste‘ webpage:…/top-10-ways-to-reduce-your…/