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Small group exercise: „Who is most likely to…“ questions

I’ve just finished my Business English class with level B2/C1 students and used the ‚Who is most likely to..“ game as a conversation starter. It was a group of 6 participants, which was the perfect group size for this exercise. The participants were colleagues, who know each other pretty well and I asked them to make guesses about each other using the list of questions in the link. We even took on the more provocative ones like ‚Who is most likely to marry a drug lord?, which triggered much more creative ideas and interactions than safer questions like ‚Who is most likely to have the most children.‘ The feedback from my group was a big thumbs up and this exercise requires literally no preperation time with maximum speaking output.

Another idea is to create a Christmas-themed version with questions such as:
Who is most likely to go all out on the Christmas decoration?
Who is most likely to overeat on Christmas cookies?
Who is most likely to do the Christmas shopping on the 24th of December? etc.

Link ’50 Interesting Most Likely to Questions:
The website offers plenty more question and game lists.