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20 Weird things ONLY British people do!

By English with Lucy

Are you also one of those over-preparers? We cannot create the perfect worksheet or grammar exercise every day. Sometimes we need exercise ideas that are simple, don’t require much or any preparation, that are effective, and give us a break. So browsing on YouTube today, I found this video by English with Lucy:

…and rather than creating a listening comprehension worksheet to go with it, which I would normally do as an overpreparer, I had the following ideas:

– Ask your students to get together in pairs or small groups, watch the video, pause it after each section and have them discuss what people do in these situations in their culture.

– Ask your students to each pick on number out of the twenty, watch that part and write a comment for Lucy pointing out the difference regarding this aspect.

– Or, you could even make it a bigger project and have your students record a video in reply to Lucy’s video as a collaborative project, e.g. again ever student tackles one number and records a short reply and then the clips are combined to one video. You could even send it to Lucy.

I might actually try the last idea with my students!