Active English Training

24 Days of Teaching – Day 14

A Christmas Letter

I have just finished writing a Christmas letter to my favourite little American girl and her family and so I thought today’s lesson idea is simple. Ask your students to write a Christmas letter to their favourite person or to the ‚Christkind‘ in English. We all have never experienced a year like this before. This letter could serve as a kind of time capsule for later. Ask your students to write about

-what they have missed most,
-what they haven’t missed at all,
-what new activity they started,
-what kind of activities they couldn’t do,
-how they kept in touch with their family and friends,
-how school has been for them,
-what they enjoy and don’t enjoy about online teaching (that’s how you can get some valuable feedback),
-and what’s the first thing they want to do when the pandemic is over.

I’m sure you have plenty more ideas to put in the Christmas letter. Maybe you could ask your students to write the letters by hand, take a picture and post them on FB as a project. It would be very interesting to see how kids experienced this year.

See you tomorrow with Day 15!