Active English Training
4 Days of Teaching
This Advent Calendar is for all my teacher colleagues who have kept education alive through this very trying time! My idea was to post a worksheet I’ve created or a teaching idea I came up with this past year for 24 days leading up to Christmas. And this is Day 1.
I created the worksheet ‚Comparing Christmas Presents’for my 6th graders (second year of English) to practise comparative structures. You may use it in your class or adapt it. I googled lists of trendy Christmas presents 2020 and went from there. Make sure to also give your students a variety of adjectives to work with. Just browse through the list of words your students have already integrated and pick adjectives they know.
I hope your students will enjoy this exercise. See you tomorrow for Day 2!

Active English Training

*PDF-Datei: Comparing Christmas Presents