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The Cartoon

What better way to create a fun lesson than by combining picture description with doing a little bit of art and laughter?

All you need for this exercise are two cartoons that are not too complex and fairly easy to draw. Pair up your students. Assign one cartoon to each student. Make sure they don’t see each other’s cartoons, so when you work online you should first transfer the cartoon onto a word document or create a pdf, otherwise the image will show when you link it. Then ask your students to describe their cartoons to each other in as much detail as possible and have their partner draw it accordingly.

I used two cartoons involving snowmen in my class today. One of the cartoons I used is called ‚Free Ice Cream‘ by Max Garcia (Sunny Street, 2014):…
And here are the results by two different students. They really enjoyed the exercise and when I checked into their teams channels they were describing, speaking, drawing, asking about details, laughing and having fun. Also sharing the results back in the general Teams channel was a lot of fun for everybody. Too bad that I had an even number of students and therefore couldn’t take part myself. Super fun exercise! Enjoy

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