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Robotic Master Chef – Listening Comprehension & Guided Writing

Isn’t this something we all need for Christmas? A robotic kitchen that treats us and our relatives to gourmet dishes from around the world. I hope this robotic kitchen also does the washing up!

This listening comprehension & guided writing worksheet is perfect for German year10 Realschüler preparing for their final exams and to prepare students for the Cambridge First Certificate.
English Level: B 2

You’ll find the video on VOA News, a very good source for short videos:

VOA also has an ESL channel called VOA Learning English. However, I prefer the faster speaking pace of the VOA news video clips for my students.

In a follow-up lesson you could do an exercise that helps your teens or adult learners practise kitchen and cooking vocabulary. For example. pull up a cooking video on YouTube presenting a traditional Christmas dish and have your students note down the recipe and write a simple cooking instruction. As I’m vegan, so here an example for an easy vegan Christmas wellington by @The Happy Pear:

I hope this worksheet can help make your pre-Christmas time a little easier!

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